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Lofts in Berlin

Lofts in Berlin
English | Tectum | ISBN: 9076886067 | 2004 | 284 pages
If you’ve ever wonder what other lofts around the world are like, look no further. Here’s a book that’s bound to give you some ideas as well as give you some insight on some unique spaces.The Lofts of Berlin is a 130 page volume filled with images of loft interiors from around the world. There is no copy or text, no deep set captions, or sections/chapters of any kind. Rather, the book showcases loft spaces , noting the location of the loft and designer/architect behind it. It is a feast for the eyes.

Download: PDF | 139 pages | 100Mb (edited)
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- Lofts_in_Berlinpart2.rar

Download: PDF | 139 pages | 140Mb
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