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The Architecture of Poetry - The Iranian Embassy in Washington

The Architecture of Poetry - The Iranian Embassy in Washington, DC
University of Cincinnati
School of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning: A thesis for Master Degree
142 pgs. ; Publ. 2007.

Book Description:
An embassy is a symbol of unique cultural, social and
political aspects of a specific country. Historically it
becomes a place for a country’s representative(s) to
communicate in a civilized and acceptable manner.
Communications among embassies have traditionally been a
great resource for international diplomacy that promotes
peace and friendship. An embassy is an office building
that specializes in diplomatic relationships and a great
representative for one culture. Presenting a culture
requires multifaceted revelation of its aspects. In the
project Architecture of Poetry was derived from Persian
poetry. In order to understand Persian culture and its
classical poetry, the methodology includes discussion of
Ferdosi’s Shähnameh (The Epic of Kings). Persian poetry is
deeply rooted in its history and culture. It was developed
through centuries of repetition and practice. Understanding
Persian poetry reveals layers of history, culture and
traditions. It requires understanding structure, order and
the metaphorical foundation of poetry as well as the reasons
behind lyrics, meanings and characters. The Architecture of
Poetry leads to a design that explores Shähnameh’s poetry in
addition to known embassy structures where the elements
learned from each interweave to create the design of the
Iranian embassy. The structure of poetry corresponds with the
structure of the building, where metaphorical words have
translated into interior details and materials of the façade.
Poetry reading is a slow and gradual process, where punctuation
becomes important to convey the message of poetry. The
translated architectural elements from poetry are not literal;
but they are very abstract. Metaphors of culture and poetry a
re revealed in the structure and details of the new embassy.

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