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Architecture on Sports Facilities

Carles Broto, Jacobo Krauel, "Architecture on Sports Facilities"
Gingko Press; illustrated edition edition | ISBN: 8493400777 | September 2005 | 240 pages (full)
When designing sporting facilities the architect must consider an almost endless list of fundamental considerations: capacity, seating configuration, concession areas, multiple entrances, amenities for the teams and media and, last but not least, type. Will the structure be multi-purpose or used for a single sporting discipline? Will it be a stadium, an arena, an auditorium? All of these issues and more are covered in detail in this rare title devoted to the Architecture of Sports Facilities. It presents a range of cutting-edge designs that display exceptional skill in combining aesthetics with functionality, beauty with practicality, and ease of use with ease of access. Due to its complex nature the design of sports facilities rightly occupies a category of its own. So detailed and thorough is this book that it too deserves a category of its own.

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