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Towards a New Architect: The guide for architecture students

Yasmin Shariff, Jane Tankard, "Towards a New Architect: The guide for architecture students"
Publisher: Architectural Press | 2010-08-12 | ISBN: 1856176045

After three years of education, architecture students have to start out on their first year of practical training as the initial step in a career in the professional world--all too often without enough clear advice to make sure that their first step is in the right direction.
Towards a New Architect helps you to make the right moves. It explores how to research the opportunities available, prepare your CV, make sure that it gets you noticed for the right reasons and deliver a successful interview as part of a clear plan for building your career as an architect.
For many architecture students the ultimate goal in their career is to set up in practice for themselves. This book sets out the steps to get there successfully and to make the process enjoyable and fulfilling.
* Practical guide to planning a career in architecture
* Learn key skills to help you get the right job at the right firm
* Written to the latest RIBA/ARB guidelines

Download : PDF | 128 pages | 6 MB

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