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Building Change: Architecture, Politics and Cultural Agency

Building Change: Architecture, Politics and Cultural Agency
By Lisa Findley
Publisher: Routledge | ISBN: 0415318769 | edition 2005

Building Change provides a vision of a revitalized role for architecture as a critical cultural and spatial practice. It discusses the dynamic between power and building and lays out the spatial strategies those in power use to manipulate and control the physical world. These include segregation, marginalization, construction of hierachies, and the spatial transformations of mechanisms like colonialism and globalization. In the past fifty years, with the shifting of power throughout the world, the motivations behind such strategies have been vigorously challenged. Resistance has come in part through the reassertion of agency by subject peoples: through political and economic action as well as cultural production. However, the reallocation of power alone cannot erase the spatial imprint of previous attitudes. Altering the organization of space, and opening up access to those represented in it, is a long-term endeavor. Lisa Findley argues that architecture, as a primary participant in the production of space, has an important role to play in supporting these changes. The question is how, within the scope of the design and making of buildings, can this be done.

Download : PDF | 225 pages | 9,8 mb Change.rar

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