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Planning and Design of Airports

Robert Horonjeff, Francis McKelveyб "Planning and Design of Airports - 4th Edition"
McGraw-Hill Professional | ISBN: 0070453454 | December 1, 1993 | 848 pages |
This edition of this work is updated and expanded to reflect the latest developments in the planning and design of airports. It now features coverage of the geometric design of landing areas, air traffic control systems, airport security, demand forecasting, airport financing, environmental assessment, terminal and ground access system planning, and heliport and vertiport design. It also provides modern approaches to lighting, signing, and marking of airfields. . .paving runways. . .and much more. Planning and Design of Airports is an indispensable reference for civil engineers, transportation engineers, government planners, architects, and all others involved in any aspect of airport planning and design.

Download: PDF | 8.3 MB

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