Thứ Tư, 11 tháng 8, 2010

Waro Kishi: PROJECTed Realities

Waro Kishi: PROJECTed Realities

The 31 works represented here range from the Kim House of 1937 to projects that were in progress in spring of 2000. No particular criterion was used in selecting the works. Diverse projects are juxtaposed, from buildings that were completed yaers ago to unsuccessful entries in competitions and projects that were unfortunately halted before realization, from extremely small houses to enomous office complexes. They involved different design processes. They include projects of K. Associates / Architecs that were carefully considered in detail as well as collaboratively conceived only in diagrammatic form.

I belive that different of background and context will disappear when these projects of diverse origin are axamined solely through the medium of drawings and models. What will be made manifest is the 'distance" that lies between achitecture and reality. I believe that confirming that "distance" is a necessary first step before the next stage begin.

Download: Realities.pdf

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