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Cool Hotels : America

Cool Hotels : America
Cool Hotels: The Americas is an extensive compilation of the most contemporary hotels in North, Central, and South America, all of which have been chosen because they represent the best in innovative design. Copiously illustrated with hundreds of color photographs of hotels designed by renowned figures such as Todd Oldham, Ernesto Goranski, and David Rockwell and accompanied by illuminating sketches as well as explanatory texts and captions, this book is a colorful tour of lodging at the cutting edge.
Bởi Francisco Asensio Cerver, Ana Cristina G. Cañizares.
cộng tác: Ana Cristina G. Cañizares

Xuất bản: teNeues, 2004
ISBN 3823845659, 9783823845652
400 trang

Download: .pdf / 306 trang (từ

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