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AD - Made in India

Made in India
(Architectural Design)

Academy Press | 2008-01-09 | ISBN: 0470034769 | 160 pages | PDF | 22 MB
Architecture is never an isolated production. It is deeply embedded in the fabric of any social and cultural dynamic, even though new impetuses are often made and established through architecture. This is particularly true of the exuberant social and cultural shift that India is undergoing. A multi-disciplinary approach is crucial in order to unravel the scope of the phenomenon and its manifestations. The title features Sunil Khilnani?s meditation on what constitutes the idea of modern India, Prem Chandavarkar's exciting account of the emergence of a new generation of architects in Bangalore and Ravi Sundarum?s description of the visceral city. It also includes project sections that portray the divergent and innovative face of Indian architecture from Bombay to Bangalore, which include sophisticated urban schemes alongside handmade self-built buildings in rural areas.

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