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Cool Hotels Africa/Middle East

Cool Hotels Africa/Middle East
showcases a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge hotels that embody the best in contemporary hotel design. This useful flexicover guide is extensively illustrated with approximately 400 color photographs, highlighting the interiors and exteriors of these striking accommodations. This overview includes designs from Enrico Daffonchio, Peter Matkovitch and Ed Tuttle in locations as diverse as South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius and Morocco. ? An extensive compilation of the most contemporary hotels in Africa and the Middle East ? Illustrations and text provide useful information to both design professionals and travelers
Bởi Martin Nicholas Kunz
cộng tác: Martin Nicholas Kunz
Xuất bản: teNeues, 2005
ISBN 3832790519, 9783832790516
399 trang

Download: .pdf / 301 trang từ

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