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House Design

Daab, "House Design"
Daab | ISBN: 3937718060 | June 2005

In recent years the lines that define the characteristics of the modern house have lost the severity that distinguished them in the past. Although the uses that a home must fulfil - cooking, relaxation, personal hygiene, interaction with other people, etc. - remain the same as ever, the solutions for tackling them are now very different and diverse. As a result, no specific formula can be established to define how a home should be. This book shows crossfire of examples of international designers, which have drafted houses with many considerations in mind. Adaptation to the terrain and the climate, the budget and the needs of its future inhabitants has been born in mind. As well the home's three indispensable areas (the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom) have been focused. For example the bathroom is presented in multifarious variations: Either a functional space is apart or it can occupy a privileged spot alongside the garden, with large windows, spread itself out inside the house to such and extent that the bathtub turns into an indoor swimming pool.

Download: PDF | 399 pages | 274 mb design.part1.rar design.part2.rar

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