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Designing the World's Best Supermarket

Martin Pegler, "Designing the World's Best Supermarkets"
Visual Reference Publications | ISBN: 158471025X | October 1, 2002

Now, more than ever, supermarkets are inviting, exciting, adventuresome, and sometimes even theatrical. New formats, layouts and presentations are emerging so quickly that it's nearly impossible to keep abreast of the trends.

At a time when consumers are more educated, aware and mobile; when competition between food stores is keener and more intense, Designing the World's Best Supermarkets presents an abundance of ideas and perspectives from around the world on store architecture, signage, lighting techniques, floor design, food case innovation, fixturing, wall art and texture, and thematic concepts.

Showcasing over 50 projects with over 300 full-color images and illuminating text, you will experience comprehensive coverage of the most up-to-date supermarket design trends from the U.S. and around the world.

This volume is edited by Martin M. Pegler, an internationally-recognized expert in the field of visual merchandising and store design.

Designing the World’s Best Supermarkets is a veritable travelog of food presentation from around the world. If you’re searching for visual inspiration and expert editorial commentary, this volume is an incomparable sourcebook.

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