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A House on the Water: Inspiration for Living at the Water's Edge

A House on the Water: Inspiration for Living at the Water's Edge
Living in a house on the water is an almost universal desire. People are naturally drawn to the water -- both for recreation and relaxation -- and sites on the water sell quickly.
But what is it really like to live on the water? Maine architect Robert Knight explores 24 homes in this book that represent outstanding examples of the relationship of house to water -- seaside, lakeside, and riverside -- with clear explanation of the design and construction details necessary to create a beautiful house that can withstand the sometimes severe conditions at the water's edge. With the help of 300 color photos and site plans, A House on the Water deals with these issues successfully, and the solutions to these technical problems enhance the quality of the design rather than forcing compromises in it.
Whether you are actively creating a home at the water's edge or simply dreaming about it, A House on the Water provides both inspiration and valuable design advice for a home that respects the coastline, fits into the surroundings, and is built to withstand the unique conditions of the site for generations to come.
"Bob Knight is a sailor and an architect. His lifelong experience with boats, how they sit in the water, how they do the job for which they were intended, how gracefully they handle their environment are all reflected in Bob's approach to homes and their design. His work is informed, but not limited to, the sensibilities of traditional design. Like a good naval architect, the end result is a project that fits its harbor or site."
--John K. Hanson Jr., Maine Boats & Harbors Magazine
"A house on the water is the dream of many. Hearing the slap of waves. Enjoying the setting sun shimmering like red paint on the water. Watching birds skim over the surface. Bob Knight provides us with such extraordinary homes, lovely images, and the hope that someday we, too, can have a home on the water."
--Michael Carlton, Home & Garden Editor, Yankee Magazine
"Emphasizing the ways good architecture affects perception and mood, Robert Knight offers valuable lessons in how to create a waterside home that embraces both its site and its occupants."
--Jeff Book, Senior Editor, Coastal Living
About the author
Architect Robert Knight, AIA is the principal and founder of Knight Associates in Blue Hill, Maine. Knight's houses have appeared in a number of publications, including Taunton's Creating the Not So Big House
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