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Designing Community: Charrettes, Masterplans and Form-based Codes

"Designing Community: Charrettes, Masterplans and Form-based Codes" by David Walters
Architectural Press | 2007 | ISBN: 075066925X 9780750669252 9780080492605 | 283 pages | PDF | 21 MB

This book provides a detailed guidance on the proper and most effective ways to use this helpful tool. The book combines charrette masterplanning with the creation of "design-based" codes (also known as "form-based" codes) to control the development's implementation in line with the design and planning principles established during the charrette process

Part I: Cultural comparisons
1 Setting the scene: Cultural and professional comparisons between planning and urban design in Britain and America
Part II: History
2 The evolution of the planning process and the changing role of urban design
3 Political theory, postmodern planning and urban design
4 Planning, urban design and citizen power: community participation in planning from 19th century anarchist roots to today
Part III: Theory
5 Codes and guidelines
6 New urbanism and neighborhoods
Part IV: Practice
7 Urban design, public participation and planning in practice
Part V: Preamble to case studies
8 Case Study I: Downtown Redevelopment. Huntersville, NC
9 Case Study II: Greenfield Urban Extension, Concord, NC
APPENDIX: Essential attributes ofform-based codes


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