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Ecologic Oriented Development (EOD) - A Patten Book of Site Planning
Publisher: MIT's School of Architecture + Planning, Sekisui House, Ltd. | 2009 | ISBN: N/A | 164 Pages | 50MB | PDF

This book is the product of a long-term cooperation between Japan and Sekisui House MIT School of Architecture and Planning were to imagine, design and prototype development of a sustainable residential communities for the company in 2030 and 2050.
The research is the work of a joint project team of students from the Faculty of Architecture and urban planning departments and employees of Sekisui House operates under the direction of Dean Adele Naude Santos, Professor Eran Ben-Joseph, Shun Kanda, Professor, and Professor Andrew Scott.
Sekisui House has long history of building and developing quality homes and communities.
A leader in innovation, progress, Sekisui House partners with architects and universities to experiment and to the technologies and the practice of community design.


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