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Cool Hotels : Asia Pacific

Cool Hotels : Asia Pacific
The exoticism and beauty of the Asian coast and the Pacific Islands have always been attractive to Western tourists. Here is a lavishly illustrated guide to the most contemporary and innovatively designed hotels in countries from Turkey to Thailand with Siberia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Japan in between and Australia down under, for those who seek accommodations as spectacular as the scenery. Another in teNeues' best-selling Cool Hotels series, this extensive compilation is packed with full color photographs and accompanied by explanatory captions. 7An extensive compilation of the most contemporary hotels throughout Asia, the Pacific Islands, and Australia that follows the success of Cool Hotels: The Americas (3-8238-4565-9) and Cool Hotels (3-8238-5556-5). 7Hotels representing the best in innovative design are included with accompanying illustrations.
Bởi Francisco Asensio Cerver, Llorenc Bonet, Paco Asensio
Cộng tác: Llorenc Bonet
Xuất bản: teNeues, 2004
ISBN 3823845810, 9783823845812
400 trang

Download: .pdf / 279 trang (từ books.goole)

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