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The Big Book of Lofts

The Big Book of Lofts
2007 | Antonio Corcuera, Aitana Lleonart | Collins Design | English | ISBN: 0061138274 | Pages 381 | PDF | 31.10Mb
Featuring page after page of beautiful, dynamic, full-color images, "The Big Book of Lofts" presents 48 creative and cutting-edge projects, showcasing concepts that today's most innovative designers have applied to lofts around the globe. From modern apartment complexes to traditional, family-sized spaces, this book presents a variety of projects involving one unit and single-family dwellings that are sure to catch the eye of any reader.
In depicting creative and personalized converted spaces, hip loft developments, and sophisticated loft houses, "The Big Book of Lofts" explores not only fresh concepts, but also the idea that even small spaces can have endless design possibilities.


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