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Blueprint - 06/2008

Blueprint Magazine - June 2008
English | 133 Pages | 39,9MB | True PDF

With a 25-year track record as the leading magazine for architecture and design, Blueprint is regarded by many around the world as the original design magazine. Following the magazine’s recent relaunch, it was described by The Observer newspaper as the ‘design bible’. Published monthly, it is lovingly produced in large format on the best quality paper, with photography and illustration of the highest standard. But its long-standing appeal is also due to the finest criticism, news and feature writing on design and architecture, directed at professionals and non-professionals, alike. The magazine takes a parallel approach to the different design disciplines, reflecting a belief that fashion, product, furniture and architectural design can share ideas. As editor Vicky Richardson says: ‘Blueprint aims to use the subject of design to reveal the workings of society. The magazine is about the important role that design and architecture can play in shaping the world.’

Download: 2008-06.pdf

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